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8 months ago
Anna Bollinger
My 226 pound mastiff is turning 8 this month. The last 6 months he’s struggled with getting up, eating, going up and down the stairs. I was told his joint swelling was getting bad and wanted to put him on all these meds or the worst case put him down. No one is ready to hear that. So I researched CBD oil. I have purchased several products from different companies. I noticed a difference but I wasn’t seeing a great improvement until I tried Copper Leaf Organics. My old boy runs around, eats like he used to, actually loves to play again. If your anything like me you love your animals as if they are one of your children. I was willing to do anything, try everything I could to keep him from suffering. I love their products and because of the results I am now on their CBD oil for the issues I have with my stomach. Definitely recommend Copper Leaf Organics. You have a customer for life.
9 months ago
Jillian Gauna
This product truly has changed my life
10 months ago
Jessica Simon
I have trouble staying sound asleep. I can get to sleep but rarely get good sleep it seems. I started taking this product with melatonin and it's been 100% change. I sleep soundly and wake up feeling awesome! Love this product!
1 year ago
These products work!!! I started using 1000mg lemon tincture almost 4 weeks ago. I have relief throughout my entire body. I had problems in my shoulder and arm which is 90% better. I am sleeping better and have an overall sense of wellbeing. I recommend these products. Thank you Debbie.
1 year ago
Great Product. Worked wonders on my joints.
1 year ago
Gary Cunningham
I bought 500 mg, mint for my hands and feet. My hands and feet seems to be more tolerable. I have other issues that have disappeared too! Thank you for this product, it really works!!!
1 year ago
Susan Brodruck
My dog has been on medications and it was killing me too give them to him because I know the side effects they have. I was watching him go down hill slowly. Then I found your website. I started giving my dog the CBD dog chews and I have a happier dog. He's off all medications and I couldn't be happier. He looks better and is just so much more comfortable. Next I'm trying the pet tinctures. One happy customer right here! Thanks so much!
1 year ago
Joshua Buchanan
Hey, great products! I'm serious! I was a bit doubtful that anything could really work on my lower back, BUT IT DID! The orange CBD oil taste pretty great too. Definitely glad I gave it a try. Thanks again.
1 year ago
Julie Martin
I absolutely love these tinctures! I started taking the 1000mg mint, after just a couple of times taking it, I realized I felt great and after about 2 weeks I realized I could handle things better. I'm a fan for life! Thank you Copper Leaf for being a company I can trust to make sure I am getting the BEST products available.
1 year ago
Jackie Carlson
I tried these soft gels for my hands. They worked great. I feel so much better and I can use my hands again. I can't believe it. Thank you Copper Leaf Organics.