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3 weeks ago
Jillian Gauna
This product truly has changed my life
2 months ago
Jessica Simon
I have trouble staying sound asleep. I can get to sleep but rarely get good sleep it seems. I started taking this product with melatonin and it's been 100% change. I sleep soundly and wake up feeling awesome! Love this product!
8 months ago
These products work!!! I started using 1000mg lemon tincture almost 4 weeks ago. I have relief throughout my entire body. I had problems in my shoulder and arm which is 90% better. I am sleeping better and have an overall sense of wellbeing. I recommend these products. Thank you Debbie.
8 months ago
Great Product. Worked wonders on my joints.
8 months ago
Gary Cunningham
I bought 500 mg, mint for my hands and feet. My hands and feet seems to be more tolerable. I have other issues that have disappeared too! Thank you for this product, it really works!!!
9 months ago
Susan Brodruck
My dog has been on medications and it was killing me too give them to him because I know the side effects they have. I was watching him go down hill slowly. Then I found your website. I started giving my dog the CBD dog chews and I have a happier dog. He's off all medications and I couldn't be happier. He looks better and is just so much more comfortable. Next I'm trying the pet tinctures. One happy customer right here! Thanks so much!
9 months ago
Joshua Buchanan
Hey, great products! I'm serious! I was a bit doubtful that anything could really work on my lower back, BUT IT DID! The orange CBD oil taste pretty great too. Definitely glad I gave it a try. Thanks again.
9 months ago
Julie Martin
I absolutely love these tinctures! I started taking the 1000mg mint, after just a couple of times taking it, I realized I felt great and after about 2 weeks I realized I could handle things better. I'm a fan for life! Thank you Copper Leaf for being a company I can trust to make sure I am getting the BEST products available.
9 months ago
Jackie Carlson
I tried these soft gels for my hands. They worked great. I feel so much better and I can use my hands again. I can't believe it. Thank you Copper Leaf Organics.